Core Strengthening – blog post 2

Continuing with the series of exercises I am doing for strengthening my core muscles, I am showing below two exercises to strengthen the quads, hammies and glutes.

Done right, you are going to engage your glutes and hamstrings.

I am not a pro doing these exercises. Rather I am learning these from my social circle and chiropractor. Most of the runners, triathletes out there already know these exercises. Jotting them down in a blog post, and creating videos will only help to revise them, or switch your core strengthening exercises a bit. Challenges are always good :). 

1) Exercise 1 – you will need a paper plate or anything that can help you slide on floor. No wheels though :).

Stand by the side of a wall, you will need its support to begin with. Put a sliding paper plate under one of your foot, and push that leg back, using your glutes. Dive your upper body in front, and push-pull one leg backward and forward. This will work your hammier and quads a lot. Maintain core stability while you do the exercise. Here is the video. (I still have to work on diving my upper body)

2) Exercise 2 – you will need a yoga mat and gym ball.

Lie on the yoga mat, and place your legs on the gym ball. We are going to do bridges, but add the ball for a little challenging workout. Watch the video 

  • Relax your spine on the mat.
  • Place your hands on the side, and push against the floor with your arms.
  • Squeeze your butts
  • And now drive your glutes up, keeping your legs on the ball. You should feel your hamstrings, glutes engaged.
  • Now for some more work, pull the ball with your feet towards you, keeping your core engaged.
  • Do not loosen your core at anytime.

Avoid injuries by doing these workouts !!

What do you say ?

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