Not much into sports while growing up, but always a sports fanatic sitting on the couch watching TV sports. Though I was strong growing up, but always on the heavier side. When I realized it, I started running early mornings, much before the sunrise, so that my neighbors cannot see me.

I continued running, and staying active throughout my graduation, and my job in India. I got a little more serious when I found a swimming pool, where I learnt swimming and from there onwards, I used to do my runs in morning and swims in the evenings.

When I moved to US, I started hitting the trails, and logging more miles. I had my share of injuries, and learnings through experience. An injury forced me to join a local swimming pool, and I started biking to work. Interestingly my passion for triathlon was triggered while watching various youtube videos, and then signing up for my first Half-Ironman distance race. I did it once, and then I wanted to do it again, and again.

Now triathlon is part of my everyday life. There is not a day that I spend without tri’ing or reading about the sport. I continue to read articles, and books on the endurance sport, and keep myself motivated.

Helping and talking to others about the sport, or even answering questions about the bikes interest me.

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  1. Nice write up…n it clearly defines u as a passionate runner 🙂

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