Post Ride Coffee drink- Great Idea !!

Great Idea

A great Idea striked me while cooling down post training ride. I hadn’t taken any energy gels throughout the ride. The ride was a little chilly and windy on the way back. Continue reading

Training for full Ironman started Yesterday !!

2.4 miles Swim + 112 miles Bike + 26.2 miles Run

Happy Belated ThanksGiving !!

Yesterday plan was to hit the swimming pool early morning, and then go for an easy run 5-6 miles.

But plans are made to be broken. Unhealthy sleep, woke up late, skipped the swim, thought of running, lazy ass did not put up the running shoes. Went for a crossfit workout in the evening.

To make myself feel less guilty I warmed up with a 1.5 miles run before the crossfit workout.

Crossfit is going to make an endurance athlete gasping for energy. So avoided a post workout run or indoor spin.

Today morning-

Went for a chilly morning ride on my new 11-28 cassette. Focussed on maintaining my speed/cadence. Strava: 

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.39.58 PM

Evening was at the crossfit box, with some exhausting WOD – power cleans and jump ropes.




I will be writing a post on how I plan to balance crossfit training with full distance Ironman training.


Indoor Bike Training: 2 mins ON – 1 min OFF

It was tough because of the flaky hamstrings. Started off with a 10 mins warmup spin.

Bike Workout in the morning:

  • 2 mins – High RPE, was trying to keep the Cadence above 90 rpm.
  • 1 min – Lower the RPM, around 85 rpm.
  • Do 10 reps

You can raise the bar by raising the Cadence range for 2 mins and 1 min. Cooled down with a 10 mins spin.


Later on in the evening: Crossfit

It was fun to get successful wall handstands. And pulled off the WOD which felt to be fairly OK. Warmup was a mix of back extension, 500m row, and couple of aerobic moves.

WOD – EMOM: 5 deadlifts (175lbs) + 5 bar muscle ups  – for 6 rounds

Could have gone heavier on the weights, as still had energy to do another round of WOD :). But then ended with a 1 mile run, felt a ~ 7:25 min/mile pace (no Garmin). And then successful wall handstands. Do not have a proof, so need to get a picture while trying again.



Indoor Bike Workout

Having heard that quite a lot of Pros ‘Andy Potts‘, ‘Meredith Kessler’ and ‘Tyler Stewart’ and many more stay indoors for their Ironman Bike training. And a short exchange of messages with Andy Potts, also strengthened my belief in Indoor training. At the worst, it will be a pure waste of time :).

So I have borrowed a fluid Kinetic Kurt trainer from a friend, to test out the indoor training.


My main objective out of this being –

  1. To improve my cadence
  2. Train on Higher Cadence on higher gear
  3. Quality training in time crunch situation

More on Indoor training later. For now I am posting my first Indoor workout.

Ladder Workout


The workout was hard. Here is the link from Garmin Connect, post workout:

Goal for the Workout : Keep the same Cadence range, but move on a higher gear.

Keep in mind that you need a big towel, music to keep you running, and your choice of hydration. You are going to sweat way more than you sweat outside.

Recap on an Interesting Ride in the Dark

My friend, from work, lets call him David, scheduled this awesome ride up the Montevina road, in Los Gatos, CA.

To David, give any bike, any surface, he will bike through fast. But for me it was going to be my first experience of riding a road bike on dirt and gravel path and to add to it in the ‘DARK’.

Was Anxious!! We started off around 8:15 in the evening, from the Los Gatos downtown, and hit the LG trail (this is the dirt part of trail). I guess around 2 miles of it was all dirt, and gravel. 

A small climb, with all gravel on it was the hardest, this gave me my first fall, a real bad one :(. And on getting up on the bike again, I was not able to peddle anymore, as the wheel used to skid on the surface. And I said to myself, how the fuck does this guy ride on this surface, he is nuts!! 🙂

 Anyways, had to walk my bike up, and find some traction to get going. After    passing through the Alma dam, and up by the Lexington reservoir, we took another  dirt trail. Successfully navigating the cracks on the trail, with my skinny tires, I had another great fall. I said to myself, this is going to be either hell or heaven. Hell – if I continue to fall, and Heaven- if I get some mesmerizing views riding up the Montevina road.

We hit the Montevina climb in about 3 miles. Now this road starts with a smaller  grade, around 5% but soon turns into a double digit, and the grade never falls below  10% for over 3 miles. At places even going to 15%-18%.

Changing into smaller gear, and keeping a consistent pace, but quite slow  compared to David. He was easing through the climb, with his big flashing lights. I just had sort of a twinkle glowing on my handle bar. Anyways, it wasn’t dark yet, so  I told him to go at his pace, because I will need to hang around with him on the way back, when it is pitch dark.

Montevina road has long straight stretches of climbs at consistent grade, unlike the windy climbs of Montebello and Red Wood Gulch. I kept my butt on the saddle, saving the extra effort needed at those ‘bitchy’ steep turns.

By the way, the view was awesome. You can see the beautiful valley all lit up by the Los Gatos light. Twinkles and glows everywhere J. It was mesmerizing, indeed!!

Consistent in my pace and cadence I reached to the ‘hair-pin’ point to find a big house in the corner and the street sign saying ‘Surrey’, there was no mention of ‘Montevina’. You find a big left turn and flat road, while a hidden hair-pin right turn, which I totally missed and headed left, feeling the flat road as a cushion to my butt, and desert to my quads. Couple of turns, and I realized I am on the wrong side, so back to the point and figured out the climb up. Now is when the fun starts J. It gets steeper and steeper as you reach the top.

David was by now already at the top, waiting for me. I saw a huge of beam of light coming down towards me. Gave me a little respite, making me feel a little better that the peak is near. Thanks to David who climbed the last steep stretch again with me. Infact, I had to stop for a minute, as my legs were already crying to go the last 100 metres. I stopped, changed the gears, made a little descent to get some momentum, and then climbed all the way, before falling again J.

The third fall was the scariest of all. There was gravel atop, and the wheels just skid so hard, that it was an overturn, humpty-dumpty fall.

But I made it!! First experience of gravel, great one in the dark.

Checkout the Strava stats:

Descent was slow, as we were careful of not getting the bobcats, or deer in our way. It was chilly cold at the top; those who wish to climb should get a windbreaker.

To get some mileage in the ride, we picked up going around the Lexington reservoir, on the Alma Bridge road. This has some rolling hills, but nothing major.

I realized how beautiful the valley is in the night, when its pitch dark all around and you look up to gaze at the stars. It’s freaking awesome!! Feel like having the entire valley to yourself.

BTW my ride back on the dirt trail was pretty good, I kept a neat balance on the gravel surface, keeping the wheels moving, and was purposefully keeping my right foot off the cleat :).

Would love to do these rides once in 15 days or so. Not everyday!! 🙂