Any time Foot workouts

Like the rest of your body, your feet need exercise to stay in great shape.Your feet are like the wheels of your car, if they go wrong, whether you have a BMW engine or a Honda engine, its useless. So why not spend just 5 – 10 mins of your day, strengthening your feet. You really don’t have to dedicate special time, rather you can do it at your workplace anytime.

While working, while reading, sitting in a meeting, or at lunch.

And the below exercises are just those which you can do at work, without any prop or easily available prop. There are more foot strengthening exercises, but you need to get into awkward positions, which your colleagues might find funny :).

1) Toe Curls / Toe Pick Ups – Strengthens the foot, Improves flexibility, Improves push off power, protects against Plantar Fasciitis and shin splints. 

If at home, you can use a towel, put it on the floor, and start collecting the towel using your toes. Use one foot at a time. 

However you really do not need a towel. I do it without the towel, at work.

Toe-pick ups are similar, imagine you are picking up a dice on the ground with your toe, and putting it aside.


2) Toe twisters – Now what I do with the foot is. Keep it flat on the ground, and twist it to one side, without swaying your leg much. Do the same on the other side.

3) Ankle Pump-up – This exercise helps strengthens the muscles in the front of your lower leg (shin). Keep your feet on the ground, and start by pulling your foot up like you are trying to touch your toes to the front of your shin. Hold this position for 10 seconds, and relax down.

[You cannot do Ankle Pump-down, which is the reverse motion of the pump-up, because you need your legs in the air, might be a little weird if you are doing it at work 🙂 ]

4) Plantar Fascia Massage – Lets say you need to read something at work, so this exercise can be done then. Sit down and cross your leg over your knee. With one hand, pull your toes back toward your nose. With the other hand, massage the area on the bottom of your foot just in front of your heel.

5) Ice Bottle Massage – Fill a bottle with water and freeze it, if your workplace has a refrigerator, then great. I label my bottle, so that nobody else can use it, and won’t throw it when the fridge gets cleaned.

Roll your foot on the bottle for 10 minutes three times per day. This reduces any inflammation on your sore foot, caused from running, long-walks. Its a must do I believe.

6) Using foosball– I also use a foosball and start rolling it under my foot. It helps to relieve of any foot pain, and gives a great massage. Being hard and small, it spots the pain areas.

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Recovering from Plantar Fasciitis

Hello runners, and injured runners..

I had been in a boot cast since 3 weeks, and most likely will be in it for another week. Its been really helpful as it helped me stabilize my foot. My Plantar fasciitis had gone worse, as the pain had spread to the metatarsals in the foot, pain in the side of the foot. It had become really difficult to move with just regular shoes and orthotics.

The boot restricted my foot movement, keeping it stable. Regular stretches and icing helped a lot.

One another thing that doctors here do not advise is to dip your foot in luke warm water with epsilon salt. This advise comes from Indian doctors. Reason being warmth gets the blood flowing to your foot. It softens your tissues, and then a soft massage helps a lot.

So here is what worked for me-

1) Warm water massage in the morning, or whenever you head out to walk softens  and

2) Icing after you come back or after any workout, helps relieve the inflammation and pain.

3) keeping the foot in boot cast, wearing orthotics always.

4) No running around.


Life is happy, so start running…


Run on Pain 13.1 miles

I read somewhere ‘Training is a reward’ … but for me it wasn’t because training runs were becoming painful, and so had to scrap my runs for 2 months.. Seriously I did no running for last two months, and straight on into the San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

When I signed up for this race, I was aiming for my PR, this being a flat race course. But severe plantar fasciitis, has almost killed my running. It is one of the most common running injuries, and the one which needs complete rest. Hard to rest because it is on the foot.

Anyways, come the race day, I was thinking of taking the run easy for the first half, and then doing fartleks in between. My first half was pretty good , completing 7 miles in an hour, and I was running on pain :). It was beyond the 8th mile, where the killing started. Felt like my right heel was swelling up, and I was all the more making sure that my each foot strike was on the toe. This caused extreme pain in the calf muscles. Muscles were contracting, feet inside the shoe was contracting with pain. Never ever in my runs I have felt this extreme pain.

But rather than totally giving up, I thought to walk for a while. Rather than totally giving up, I walked most of the stretch between mile 11 and 12.

A little ahead mile 13, my team mates started pumping me, and as the adrenaline was gushing through for a strong

finish, I said, ‘FUCK’ the pain, ignore there is something going on in the right foot, and just RUN.

Do not know my official finish time yet, but this was the worst finish time ever- 2:10. SCRAP THIS!! BUT WILL REMEMBER THIS!!

1) Respect your body, if you don’t respect the wheels of your car, they are going to give up somewhere on the freeway.

2) Be mature in your decisions, a run in pain, will cost dearer to you than you think.

3) We all know the line ‘You are stronger than you think you are’ but be intelligent too- points 1&2.

couch to 13 miles

Hola!! my readers..

So with a good feeling on my foot, heels responding great to the 3 mile run two days back. I did a 12.44 miles of long and easy run. Well, honestly it was being nuts to do this long run after being away from the trail and pavement for a month. I was instead planning to gradually bring it up to a 13 -15 mile distance.

But only a runner can get to know the excitement and anxiety to hit the trail. Adrianne and me signed up to do the distance on Friday morning. Started off well, with me focussing a lot on my stride, because I was very particular on hitting the road with either the foot or the mid-foot. So I kept the strides small.

Honestly, and after experimenting I found that, if you keep your strides small, your turnover is quick. Your foot leaves and hits the ground faster. This definitely helps you improve your pace. If you want to catch the guy ahead of you, try running with longer strides, you may or may not catch him, but you would have exhausted hell lot of fuel. The next time, catch the guy ahead of you with shorter and quick strides, you will definitely spend less energy and catch him.  

So that was my footwork, but at around 9 miles, I was feeling soreness in my heels. Nevertheless, at an easy pace, completed the distance. It was so much rejuvenating. Awesomeness was at its prime 🙂 …..

To avoid any inflammation of the Plantar fasciitis, I took my icing bottle to the office, and kept icing the entire day while sitting at my cube. Took ibuprofen. And gave ample rest to the foot.

The run was possible, because I was biking and swimming, while giving my heels the much needed rest.