Strength and Stability, an integral part of any athletes training

Our earth is able to hold us up, inspite of ever increasing population, because of a strong core :).

So learning from nature, remember that your core is the integral part of you as a runner or a cyclist, or a swimmer. A strong core and muscle stability is what differentiated Mark Allen and Dave Scott from the rest of the field. Strength in your glutes and lower back is what will avoid you from faltering in the last miles of your marathon leg.

Having been there, done my share of mistakes. And now recovering from them, I thought of sharing and blogging the important strength training routine. Continue reading

Recovering from Plantar Fasciitis

Hello runners, and injured runners..

I had been in a boot cast since 3 weeks, and most likely will be in it for another week. Its been really helpful as it helped me stabilize my foot. My Plantar fasciitis had gone worse, as the pain had spread to the metatarsals in the foot, pain in the side of the foot. It had become really difficult to move with just regular shoes and orthotics.

The boot restricted my foot movement, keeping it stable. Regular stretches and icing helped a lot.

One another thing that doctors here do not advise is to dip your foot in luke warm water with epsilon salt. This advise comes from Indian doctors. Reason being warmth gets the blood flowing to your foot. It softens your tissues, and then a soft massage helps a lot.

So here is what worked for me-

1) Warm water massage in the morning, or whenever you head out to walk softens  and

2) Icing after you come back or after any workout, helps relieve the inflammation and pain.

3) keeping the foot in boot cast, wearing orthotics always.

4) No running around.


Life is happy, so start running…


What hurts ??

Heels hurt ……..

Mundane, because no running.. took the day off to repair the broken parts. Have a sore heel on the right leg. The ‘Shoe-Dog’ gait testing mechanism at Road Runners tells me, that I put 53% weight of the body on my right leg,

Old and Newand rest on the left leg. phew!!! Anyways, the soreness in the heels is an indication that I need to change my running pairs.

Though I got a new pair of Asics, but the pain in the heels, early morning while getting out of the bed, is awful. Googled a bit, and found that it is called as Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciia is the connective tissue that runs from the heel to the base of the toes

Plantar Fasciitis, is a common form of injury among runners. It happens because of various reasons-

  1. Old pair of running shoes, without much cushion.
  2. sudden increase in mileage, leading to over stress of the legs
  3. this is related to the running form, where heels strike the ground first.
Detailed analyses, you can check out the following:
I have been rolling ICED bottle under the feet, rolling the heel, back of the heel, as much as I can. Even now, while writing this, I am massaging my foot with the ICED bottle.
I cannot cut down on running much, because of an upcoming Marathon in a month. But advice is to reduce the mileage, and work on strengthening the various machine parts.