100 year old ‘DUDE’ .. rockstar .. ‘THE MAN’ .. ‘SINGH’

First of all HANDS down to the warrior.. with utmost respect I salute his marathon completion at the age of 100 years with a timing of 8:25:17.  At around 30Km mark, he was in bad pain, and it felt that he may drop off the event, may not complete it.. but he shocked the world, when his utter determination and mental stamina.. brought him to the finish line… If you check the video out, you can see him crossing the finish line.. event organizers were almost packing up, when the awesome dude completed his run…

His half marathon timing may shock you, at age 96, he has a sub 2:30 timing. He had set up a world record for age 90+ at the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon 2004: 2:29:59. Damn lot of novice runners in 20’s target this time. I am spellbound ….

check his wikipedia.

This post is just too small to talk about the personality, who has stood alongside David Beckham and Muhammed Ali as the Adidas brand ambassador. Adidas signed him up for their advertising campaign ‘Nothing is Impossible’ .. And the dude, just proved it.. @100 yrs, 26.2 miles, under 8:30 is unbelievable.

Fauja had blood tests and a bone density test when the runner was 99. Doctors, kept blind to the identity of their subjects, felt they were dealing with a 40-year-old in the blood tests. On bone density, Singh’s left leg was found to be comparable to that of a 35-year-old; his right leg had that of a 25-year-old.

“His response was, ‘I knew my left leg was weaker,’” said Alan Brookes, race director for Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2011.

even the Adidas billboard warns the Marathon runners from Kenya: “The Kenyans had better watch out for him when he hits 100”.  lolz!!!

To read more on the great man, his humbleness, and sarcasm, read it at SikhiWiki

Hats Off to you … DUDE !! 🙂

Run to kill cancer

It was such an awesome team to work with. The American Cancer Society, I ran the San Jose Rock N Roll this year with them. Awesome support, superb coach, and some great athletes.

Every thought of soreness in the heel kept me pushing – to kill cancer…. Damn Cancer!!

Moments of the day !!

All happy, goofy, running team… few virgin half-marathoners…

Heading to the start line

Alexis plans on running to the start line… to take a spot with the elite !! And Linda is the COACH

Linda is all serious, is it!! Its COACH’s style 🙂 !!

the ladybugs !! 🙂 No they were fantastic… Alexis, Rosa and Arikka (R to L)

This the team camaraderie !! 🙂

This is my blog, and ought to have my picture 🙂 !! heading for the finish line !!

Not possible without these two !!  Awesome Jenny and Jess ..

The Post Race .. Stan on the extreme right made sure that we all make to the finish line…

Run on Pain 13.1 miles

I read somewhere ‘Training is a reward’ … but for me it wasn’t because training runs were becoming painful, and so had to scrap my runs for 2 months.. Seriously I did no running for last two months, and straight on into the San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

When I signed up for this race, I was aiming for my PR, this being a flat race course. But severe plantar fasciitis, has almost killed my running. It is one of the most common running injuries, and the one which needs complete rest. Hard to rest because it is on the foot.

Anyways, come the race day, I was thinking of taking the run easy for the first half, and then doing fartleks in between. My first half was pretty good , completing 7 miles in an hour, and I was running on pain :). It was beyond the 8th mile, where the killing started. Felt like my right heel was swelling up, and I was all the more making sure that my each foot strike was on the toe. This caused extreme pain in the calf muscles. Muscles were contracting, feet inside the shoe was contracting with pain. Never ever in my runs I have felt this extreme pain.

But rather than totally giving up, I thought to walk for a while. Rather than totally giving up, I walked most of the stretch between mile 11 and 12.

A little ahead mile 13, my team mates started pumping me, and as the adrenaline was gushing through for a strong

finish, I said, ‘FUCK’ the pain, ignore there is something going on in the right foot, and just RUN.

Do not know my official finish time yet, but this was the worst finish time ever- 2:10. SCRAP THIS!! BUT WILL REMEMBER THIS!!

1) Respect your body, if you don’t respect the wheels of your car, they are going to give up somewhere on the freeway.

2) Be mature in your decisions, a run in pain, will cost dearer to you than you think.

3) We all know the line ‘You are stronger than you think you are’ but be intelligent too- points 1&2.