Memories of the Memorial Day weekend

Ok, this post comes out late !!

  While everyone was either traveling, or spending time on the high traffic lanes. I chose to spend my weekend,      putting in some mileage, lots of house cleaning, some cooking, and reading. And it was also rewarded with a  nice SF bike outing with friends.





Saturday was more of a cleaning day, setting up the wardrobe, reading and biking 35 miles. Check the strava post

Top of Hicks Rd

Sunday – day for a long run, and explore more trails at the San Antonio Rancho park. My earlier post ‘My 10 miles of love affair with the trails‘, describes my long run.

running places

running places

And then my failed attempt at making Egg frittata 😦 …

egg fritata

Monday – was just awesome. Riding on the streets of SF, and exploring the better and cleaner residential

parts of SF was just amazing. You can’t expect much out UN Plaza, SFof the weather in SF, but rides though the Golden Gate park and to the Bakers beach, made a great weekend. I must say, if you live in the city, atleast a run on this route will be amazing. Especially, when part of the route is blocked for vehicular traffic.

Thru the GoldenGate Park

Bakers Beach

Bakers Beach

10 miles of love affair with the trails

San Antonio Rancho park trails continue to amaze me, every time I go there. I find new routes, and new climbs, and new friends !!Image

Being a memorial day weekend, when most people are either traveling or getting their skin tanned. I had a nice affair with the trails today. 

Good sunny day, yet cold, I was planning to log double digits mileage. Still getting my fitness back. Started off slow with tight hamstrings and thighs. Plan was to go slow, and cover the hills and unpaved trails, enjoying the weekend in the runners style !!

Took the trail path, where there was no rush, and I just saw in total 6 hikers, and 3 runners coming down. 2 miles of climb, with few steep ones, and the 5th mile was a steep climb, which for the last part, I had to literally walk. Check the Strava stats.

The best part of running uphill is that you get to relish the downhills. And the downhill part always gives me more energy, and a boost to run another mile.

Today I wasn’t worried about the pace, or the total time. I was there to enjoy my sunday run.

Go slow when you like, and pick the pace when you like !! 

The attention my beard gets when I run and bike !!

photo 1

‘Dude! can I borrow that beard, please !!’ – just some athlete, at the beginning of the swim.

‘doesn’t that beard make you feel hot ?’ – another athlete, during the run part of the Triathlon course. The day was actually quite warm. I told him- ‘No, I actually pour water on it, and it keeps me cooler longer :)’. He just laughs !!

Other things that I have been told during my rides- ‘that beard and golden glasses look awesome’.

‘does it not cause an air-drag when riding ?’. photo 2










Seriously, my beard causes no drag :), it provides coolness, protects me from sun-burn, less usage of sunscreen lotion. And I stand out with my own fashion statement 🙂 !!

Life is happy so keep it flowing !!