The attention my beard gets when I run and bike !!

photo 1

‘Dude! can I borrow that beard, please !!’ – just some athlete, at the beginning of the swim.

‘doesn’t that beard make you feel hot ?’ – another athlete, during the run part of the Triathlon course. The day was actually quite warm. I told him- ‘No, I actually pour water on it, and it keeps me cooler longer :)’. He just laughs !!

Other things that I have been told during my rides- ‘that beard and golden glasses look awesome’.

‘does it not cause an air-drag when riding ?’.Ā photo 2










Seriously, my beard causes no drag :), it provides coolness, protects me from sun-burn, less usage of sunscreen lotion. And I stand out with my own fashion statement šŸ™‚ !!

Life is happy so keep it flowing !!



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