Crossfitting for Half-Marathon

I ran 13.1 miles today, on the trails, with an elevation gain of 2190 fts. I had not run a single time past 6 weeks or more. Suffering from a calf muscle injury, I was only on bike, swimming, and cross-fitting (avoiding the run workouts). I spent time working on my glutes, core, squats and used to row more. Workouts dealing in squats are the best overall workout for your body. Continue reading

Recap on an Interesting Ride in the Dark

My friend, from work, lets call him David, scheduled this awesome ride up the Montevina road, in Los Gatos, CA.

To David, give any bike, any surface, he will bike through fast. But for me it was going to be my first experience of riding a road bike on dirt and gravel path and to add to it in the ‘DARK’.

Was Anxious!! We started off around 8:15 in the evening, from the Los Gatos downtown, and hit the LG trail (this is the dirt part of trail). I guess around 2 miles of it was all dirt, and gravel. 

A small climb, with all gravel on it was the hardest, this gave me my first fall, a real bad one :(. And on getting up on the bike again, I was not able to peddle anymore, as the wheel used to skid on the surface. And I said to myself, how the fuck does this guy ride on this surface, he is nuts!! 🙂

 Anyways, had to walk my bike up, and find some traction to get going. After    passing through the Alma dam, and up by the Lexington reservoir, we took another  dirt trail. Successfully navigating the cracks on the trail, with my skinny tires, I had another great fall. I said to myself, this is going to be either hell or heaven. Hell – if I continue to fall, and Heaven- if I get some mesmerizing views riding up the Montevina road.

We hit the Montevina climb in about 3 miles. Now this road starts with a smaller  grade, around 5% but soon turns into a double digit, and the grade never falls below  10% for over 3 miles. At places even going to 15%-18%.

Changing into smaller gear, and keeping a consistent pace, but quite slow  compared to David. He was easing through the climb, with his big flashing lights. I just had sort of a twinkle glowing on my handle bar. Anyways, it wasn’t dark yet, so  I told him to go at his pace, because I will need to hang around with him on the way back, when it is pitch dark.

Montevina road has long straight stretches of climbs at consistent grade, unlike the windy climbs of Montebello and Red Wood Gulch. I kept my butt on the saddle, saving the extra effort needed at those ‘bitchy’ steep turns.

By the way, the view was awesome. You can see the beautiful valley all lit up by the Los Gatos light. Twinkles and glows everywhere J. It was mesmerizing, indeed!!

Consistent in my pace and cadence I reached to the ‘hair-pin’ point to find a big house in the corner and the street sign saying ‘Surrey’, there was no mention of ‘Montevina’. You find a big left turn and flat road, while a hidden hair-pin right turn, which I totally missed and headed left, feeling the flat road as a cushion to my butt, and desert to my quads. Couple of turns, and I realized I am on the wrong side, so back to the point and figured out the climb up. Now is when the fun starts J. It gets steeper and steeper as you reach the top.

David was by now already at the top, waiting for me. I saw a huge of beam of light coming down towards me. Gave me a little respite, making me feel a little better that the peak is near. Thanks to David who climbed the last steep stretch again with me. Infact, I had to stop for a minute, as my legs were already crying to go the last 100 metres. I stopped, changed the gears, made a little descent to get some momentum, and then climbed all the way, before falling again J.

The third fall was the scariest of all. There was gravel atop, and the wheels just skid so hard, that it was an overturn, humpty-dumpty fall.

But I made it!! First experience of gravel, great one in the dark.

Checkout the Strava stats:

Descent was slow, as we were careful of not getting the bobcats, or deer in our way. It was chilly cold at the top; those who wish to climb should get a windbreaker.

To get some mileage in the ride, we picked up going around the Lexington reservoir, on the Alma Bridge road. This has some rolling hills, but nothing major.

I realized how beautiful the valley is in the night, when its pitch dark all around and you look up to gaze at the stars. It’s freaking awesome!! Feel like having the entire valley to yourself.

BTW my ride back on the dirt trail was pretty good, I kept a neat balance on the gravel surface, keeping the wheels moving, and was purposefully keeping my right foot off the cleat :).

Would love to do these rides once in 15 days or so. Not everyday!! 🙂

The tricky trails

Less strain on the heels yesterday, and good amount of icing on the heels, helped my morning run at Rancho San Antonio. The Hill run was awesome today, and I covered the steep rise with just two small breathers, nearing the peak.

Trail winding back down the hill


The hilly, windy trail is always tricky. When it seems to you that you are nearing the peak, it surprises you with another climb :(. And then if you motivate yourself to run till the next turn, hoping this is the end of it, it surprises you again … 🙂 …I reflect on my uphill run, while running downhill, and try to motivate for another gentle uphill, if I can find.

My running partner John, who pulled out of today’s run because of a splinter in his foot, never likes the tricky trails. They are steep, and as soon as they seem to end, you find the route further up. These trails are good for split runs on the hills. May be today’s trail can be one of my training tracks, for leg strengthening, and speed. Sprint for a minute upwards, walk for sometime downwards, and then sprint up again for a minute. Repeating this for 5-6 times.

Hikers have their own way to explore the trails, and runners their own. I find that we can explore a park quicker than a hiker can … lolz!!

My weekend runs

Friday late night, and then early morning Saturday, geared up for the unknown trail and hill at Rancho San Antonio Park. John, my running partner had mapped out a trail path, for the run. A 6 mile run turned out to be a 7 mile one, when we got confused with the turns on the trail. After a 2 mile climb, and without water, we were anxious to get down, and

back to the parking lot. We selected the same route back, and after asking another runner, took a diversion. We again got lost with the trail :), but we got some of the best views of the city.


Getting lost on the hilly trails is as painful, as it is fun. For me whenever I reflect on my run, I feel excited on the achievement, and try to ponder over the run up the hill. How and when I could have pushed myself harder, and things like that.

Sunday morning had another 8 mile flat run on the Los Gatos trail. It’s a paved trail, and the run was with the American Cancer Society Determination team members and Road Runners group. Being with other runners who are faster than you, you tend to run fast, clocking few secs above 8 min/mile for first 4 miles was an achievement for me. Though I did not push very hard, but something that I never tried. For the remaining 4 miles, I was too happy to clock my timing.

Today is Monday, and am not running, will be biking in the evening.

Sikh Stride ??

If you see a guy with a curly beard and a bandana or a turban running on trails/streets, its me. Being a SIKH ‘student’ of the guru, I have to keep myself healthy. Good health, is the secret to longevity and happiness in life. From the time I started making my strides on the trails, I never blogged, but why not now? So a SIKH guy will be blogging about his STRIDES on trails, tracks, and while training for all sorts of ‘ ‘-thons…..

Pretty sad, that Forest Gump was not made on me..and neither a girl like Robin Wright inspired me to run…. Will also blog about the inspiration factor during various runs.