The tricky trails

Less strain on the heels yesterday, and good amount of icing on the heels, helped my morning run at Rancho San Antonio. The Hill run was awesome today, and I covered the steep rise with just two small breathers, nearing the peak.

Trail winding back down the hill


The hilly, windy trail is always tricky. When it seems to you that you are nearing the peak, it surprises you with another climb :(. And then if you motivate yourself to run till the next turn, hoping this is the end of it, it surprises you again … 🙂 …I reflect on my uphill run, while running downhill, and try to motivate for another gentle uphill, if I can find.

My running partner John, who pulled out of today’s run because of a splinter in his foot, never likes the tricky trails. They are steep, and as soon as they seem to end, you find the route further up. These trails are good for split runs on the hills. May be today’s trail can be one of my training tracks, for leg strengthening, and speed. Sprint for a minute upwards, walk for sometime downwards, and then sprint up again for a minute. Repeating this for 5-6 times.

Hikers have their own way to explore the trails, and runners their own. I find that we can explore a park quicker than a hiker can … lolz!!