Still swimming

Yes, after spending $40 on swimming shorts, I have been more regular in the pool. Try to dip in 4 times a week, and spend 40-45 mins per swim session.

I must say, that my strokes are improving, am getting more powerful on my strokes, getting faster (especially the last two swim sessions). What I have still not been able to do is to flip after completing a lap. Breathing is improving, but yet not there.

8 months of swim break, and 3 weeks into the pool, this ain’t no bad !!

Anyways, sharing a swimming lane. Its always tough for me to share the lane. Fear of hitting the co-swimmer, or blocking

Swim training 2

his way, or going to the extreme side so as to enter the other lane, has been there. I have learnt two things here-

1) If you swim with a slower swimmer in the same lane, you are better off to get more of the lane. However you need to be cautious of his swimming style.

2) If you swim with a faster swimmer in the same lane, you need not be cautious of his swimming style, or hands hitting you, because they take care of it :). However, they tend to occupy the lane most of the time, as you are slow.


Till I swim………


poised to swim

A swimmer performing the front crawl.

Yes, summer is setting in, days are getting longer and warmer. M loving it :), because I am swimming.

Yet not on the trails, but having started very small runs, I am still relying on cross training activities like swimming and biking for workouts. And swimming is turning out to be great. Having out of pool for around 6-8 months, it feels so good, and a complete body exercise.

To get the ball rolling, I went ahead an bought a new pair of swim shorts. Now after spending $40, I had no other option but to get them wet. My first 4-5 swim workouts were around 30-35 mins each. As I was gaining the strength, I last hit a 45 min workout.

Focus right now being solely on the strokes, and little speed. I am not counting the laps yet, rather the time spent swimming.

I will continue to post more, as I complete the laps.