poised to swim

A swimmer performing the front crawl.

Yes, summer is setting in, days are getting longer and warmer. M loving it :), because I am swimming.

Yet not on the trails, but having started very small runs, I am still relying on cross training activities like swimming and biking for workouts. And swimming is turning out to be great. Having out of pool for around 6-8 months, it feels so good, and a complete body exercise.

To get the ball rolling, I went ahead an bought a new pair of swim shorts. Now after spending $40, I had no other option but to get them wet. My first 4-5 swim workouts were around 30-35 mins each. As I was gaining the strength, I last hit a 45 min workout.

Focus right now being solely on the strokes, and little speed. I am not counting the laps yet, rather the time spent swimming.

I will continue to post more, as I complete the laps.

What do you say ?

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