Recovering from Plantar Fasciitis

Hello runners, and injured runners..

I had been in a boot cast since 3 weeks, and most likely will be in it for another week. Its been really helpful as it helped me stabilize my foot. My Plantar fasciitis had gone worse, as the pain had spread to the metatarsals in the foot, pain in the side of the foot. It had become really difficult to move with just regular shoes and orthotics.

The boot restricted my foot movement, keeping it stable. Regular stretches and icing helped a lot.

One another thing that doctors here do not advise is to dip your foot in luke warm water with epsilon salt. This advise comes from Indian doctors. Reason being warmth gets the blood flowing to your foot. It softens your tissues, and then a soft massage helps a lot.

So here is what worked for me-

1) Warm water massage in the morning, or whenever you head out to walk softens  and

2) Icing after you come back or after any workout, helps relieve the inflammation and pain.

3) keeping the foot in boot cast, wearing orthotics always.

4) No running around.


Life is happy, so start running…


One thought on “Recovering from Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Thats a spirit..!!!…


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