Crossfitting for Half-Marathon

I ran 13.1 miles today, on the trails, with an elevation gain of 2190 fts. I had not run a single time past 6 weeks or more. Suffering from a calf muscle injury, I was only on bike, swimming, and cross-fitting (avoiding the run workouts). I spent time working on my glutes, core, squats and used to row more. Workouts dealing in squats are the best overall workout for your body.

Elevation Gain :

 Crystal Springs Trail Run elevation gain

Crystal Springs Trail Run elevation gain

Start and finish line !!

Start and finish line !!

Workouts that really helped me-

  • Wall Balls – amazing core workout, driven from glutes.
  • Row – Great for lower back, legs, and works on the running muscle group.
  • Squats – Air OR OverHead, I still need to work a lot on these.
  • Kettle Ball swings – totally driven from the power of your glutes.
  • Hip extensions – must !!
  • Box jumps – So much for the quads, I love these jumps, especially burpees box jumps.
  • Power Cleans- I had to use my calves a lot, but overall a great total body workout

There are plenty more warmup sets, that I learnt, and those really helped me run the entire distance today.

Honestly, the timing is not my personal best, but I am impressed, because of the effort and last miles were fast. Run Statistics

Thanks to the coaches at NorcalCrossfit, I will continue to supplement crossfit with my regular endurance training for Ironman !!

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