10 miles of love affair with the trails

San Antonio Rancho park trails continue to amaze me, every time I go there. I find new routes, and new climbs, and new friends !!Image

Being a memorial day weekend, when most people are either traveling or getting their skin tanned. I had a nice affair with the trails today. 

Good sunny day, yet cold, I was planning to log double digits mileage. Still getting my fitness back. Started off slow with tight hamstrings and thighs. Plan was to go slow, and cover the hills and unpaved trails, enjoying the weekend in the runners style !!

Took the trail path, where there was no rush, and I just saw in total 6 hikers, and 3 runners coming down. 2 miles of climb, with few steep ones, and the 5th mile was a steep climb, which for the last part, I had to literally walk. Check the Strava stats.

The best part of running uphill is that you get to relish the downhills. And the downhill part always gives me more energy, and a boost to run another mile.

Today I wasn’t worried about the pace, or the total time. I was there to enjoy my sunday run.

Go slow when you like, and pick the pace when you like !! 

3 thoughts on “10 miles of love affair with the trails

  1. Rancho San Antonio is great, except for the parking. I prefer to get there early, and usually on a weekday, when it’s less crowded. Always wanted to go all the way to the top of Black Mountain, but haven’t made it yet!

    • I happened to ask the rangers out there, about increasing parking options, and they said this is the limit. Anyways, you may either park right in the beginning of CristoReyDrive, and then walk to the park. OR drive all way down, passing the park entrance and then get some parking in the residential area.
      BTW, just where the Black Mountain trail starts, there is a 1 mile downhill trail to rogue ridge parking lot. That is an awful climb on the way back up.

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