Strength and Stability, an integral part of any athletes training

Our earth is able to hold us up, inspite of ever increasing population, because of a strong core :).

So learning from nature, remember that your core is the integral part of you as a runner or a cyclist, or a swimmer. A strong core and muscle stability is what differentiated Mark Allen and Dave Scott from the rest of the field. Strength in your glutes and lower back is what will avoid you from faltering in the last miles of your marathon leg.

Having been there, done my share of mistakes. And now recovering from them, I thought of sharing and blogging the important strength training routine.

I will be starting a series of posts and videos focussed on strength and stability for core and core muscle groups.

Exercises to do, and how to follow a regimen to do these exercises. The reason I am initiating this is because I have neglected lot of these basic exercises and rather did some advanced form of these during my Ironman training. The result being lot of sciatic pain.

Areas to focus will be

  • Core
  • Obliques
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Lower back
  • Shoulders

I will try to put as many videos as possible of the various exercises that I am learning and doing.

One thing to remember is, that if you are a triathlete or a cyclist or a pure runner, you just cannot turn yourself into a body builder in the gym. I did that :(. Having said that, lot of the triathletes, also are muscularly built so all praises to them :).

Things that you need for these workouts:

  • Resistance bands, all kinds
  • Gym ball
  • Tennis ball
  • Foam roller
  • Yoga mat

Exercise 1

This is focussed on core strengthening by building the core endurance. Throughout the exercise, the spine remains in a neutral resting position, so no strain on your back. This is extremely good.

Lie on your back on a yoga mat. Raise your legs, so that your quads are at 90 degree with the ground, and legs are parallel to the ground. Make sure that your back is neutral, lower back should not arch at all. Now put a gym ball between your legs and support it with your arms, as shown in the video.

Start to push the ball against your knees, and at the same time your legs should resist the push. Alternately, push the ball towards your arms, and resist with your arms. This will engage your lower core and front pelvic muscles.

Bet you will start sweating :). Check the video

Exercise 2

Keep the gym ball in the same position as above, between your arms and legs, and your back in neutral position. Now start rolling to one side, as soon as you are about to touch the floor, try to roll to the other side. All the time engage your core. This is hard because while your core is engaged, you are also engaging your side core and obliques.

Try to incorporate this in your strength building workout. Its always good to challenge your body in terms of strength and stability.

Check the video


Lot of these exercises, I have learnt from humble people I follow on Instagram or from my chiropractor.


  • Do a strength and core workout daily, and keep alternating your exercises.
  • Always work on the form, and not on speed. Sticking with form gives you the speed :).

What do you say ?

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