couch to 13 miles

Hola!! my readers..

So with a good feeling on my foot, heels responding great to the 3 mile run two days back. I did a 12.44 miles of long and easy run. Well, honestly it was being nuts to do this long run after being away from the trail and pavement for a month. I was instead planning to gradually bring it up to a 13 -15 mile distance.

But only a runner can get to know the excitement and anxiety to hit the trail. Adrianne and me signed up to do the distance on Friday morning. Started off well, with me focussing a lot on my stride, because I was very particular on hitting the road with either the foot or the mid-foot. So I kept the strides small.

Honestly, and after experimenting I found that, if you keep your strides small, your turnover is quick. Your foot leaves and hits the ground faster. This definitely helps you improve your pace. If you want to catch the guy ahead of you, try running with longer strides, you may or may not catch him, but you would have exhausted hell lot of fuel. The next time, catch the guy ahead of you with shorter and quick strides, you will definitely spend less energy and catch him.  

So that was my footwork, but at around 9 miles, I was feeling soreness in my heels. Nevertheless, at an easy pace, completed the distance. It was so much rejuvenating. Awesomeness was at its prime 🙂 …..

To avoid any inflammation of the Plantar fasciitis, I took my icing bottle to the office, and kept icing the entire day while sitting at my cube. Took ibuprofen. And gave ample rest to the foot.

The run was possible, because I was biking and swimming, while giving my heels the much needed rest.