Indoor Bike Workout

Having heard that quite a lot of Pros ‘Andy Potts‘, ‘Meredith Kessler’ and ‘Tyler Stewart’ and many more stay indoors for their Ironman Bike training. And a short exchange of messages with Andy Potts, also strengthened my belief in Indoor training. At the worst, it will be a pure waste of time :).

So I have borrowed a fluid Kinetic Kurt trainer from a friend, to test out the indoor training.


My main objective out of this being –

  1. To improve my cadence
  2. Train on Higher Cadence on higher gear
  3. Quality training in time crunch situation

More on Indoor training later. For now I am posting my first Indoor workout.

Ladder Workout


The workout was hard. Here is the link from Garmin Connect, post workout:

Goal for the Workout : Keep the same Cadence range, but move on a higher gear.

Keep in mind that you need a big towel, music to keep you running, and your choice of hydration. You are going to sweat way more than you sweat outside.

What do you say ?

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