10 Reasons I love doing triathlon !!!


For bragging rights !!

Because it sounds cool !!

So that I can smile and say ‘that is cute‘, when someone says ‘I did a marathon‘.

Well on a serious note, I just love it because it makes me happy, keeps me sane, and my wife loves seeing me on the leaner side.

Here are 10 reasons, in no particular order :

  1. To see the beautiful sunrise over the hill.
  2. To see the skyline when swimming in the ocean.
  3. To never have an option of not working out. If my running legs are out of order, I have cycling or swimming as an option.
  4. For the love of cool looking carbon frame bikes.
  5. For the love of running shirtless.
  6. Because, my warmup takes longer for a marathon or a half-marathon.
  7. Because, I admire Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington, and love Jesse Thomas.
  8. Because, I love to push myself to the wall, to know my limit. And then challenge that limit again.
  9. Because I can juggle swimming, biking, and running, along with my day job, family, baby, social commitments, and house chores.
  10. Because I can freaking do it.

What do you say ?

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