Core Strengthening – blog post 2

Continuing with the series of exercises I am doing for strengthening my core muscles, I am showing below two exercises to strengthen the quads, hammies and glutes.

Done right, you are going to engage your glutes and hamstrings.

I am not a pro doing these exercises. Rather I am learning these from my social circle and chiropractor. Most of the runners, triathletes out there already know these exercises. Jotting them down in a blog post, and creating videos will only help to revise them, or switch your core strengthening exercises a bit. Challenges are always good :).  Continue reading

Getting out of the cradle

4 weeks of rest to the sore heels, popping in ibuprofen’s lot of stretching and icing… and NO RUNNING…

Since last Monday I did not get the pain in my foot, so an extra day of rest, and thought I should hit the pavement…

The run today was easy, with change in the stride. Made quick turnovers, by keeping shorter strides. Shorter strides helped me in a faster run, and less impact on the heels. Landing was more on the toes, and mid-foot. Though it always feels to run more after a long lay over period, but it is good intelligence not to. Start slow and steady, and build it up with strength.

Ofcourse one does not loose the stamina and lungs are still as strong as they were before, because swimming or biking or any other form of cross training keeps them in shape.

Anyways, I hope that the heel pain doesn’t come back during the day, have taken anti-inflammatory, and am icing while writing this post.

For readers, here is an article on Running Form-,7120,s6-238-267-268-8210-0,00.html

as far as strides are concerned, there is no sacred stride 🙂

till I post again painless running !!