Sikh strides with Pride

So it was my first 5K. Running for one’s own identity and own pride is such an awesome feeling. The race was organized by SikhCoalition, a non-profit organisation who fights for the legal rights of the minority groups in US.

Since 9/11, there have been lot of hate crimes, and discrimination against the Sikhs, because of their identity. This was a fund-raising 5K race. Money raised through the effort, goes into running the SikhCoalition.

Now to the race part. This was a flat quick race. Challenged strongly by a bunch of high school kids, and freshmen, I believe I ran my fastest and strongest 5K ever. The kids were awesomely good, and paced hard throughout the distance. Coming back from a 13 mile run the previous day, and lot of icing, I maintained a constant speed throughout the run. Keeping a close tab on my strides, ensuring that the landing happens on the foot / mid-foot and the turnover remains quick.

Honestly, it was so exciting to be in the lead pack for around 4K, till I slowed down a bit, and two runners passed me. I enjoyed every moment of the crowd cheer, as I ran my way back from the half mark, being the fourth runner in the lead, rest all being high school kids and freshmen.

But it was so much fun to run a fast race. Overall, this was one of the best runs I ever experienced.

For details on SikhCoalition visit their website at SikhCoalition

Runner’s low and Runner’s high

Every runner, from a novice to an experienced, and to an elite one, all have their high and low moments during the run. Low point is when you feel yourself to be an insane being, who is running and running. You feel demotivated, fatigued (even though you would have hardly covered any distance), feel like stopping. A runner’s high is when even after covering the maximum distance, you feel an adrenaline rush inside, that urges you to keep running. You feel no pain, no lactic acid in your calves, and feets are responding at their all time best.

I have experienced both, and numerous times. When I run on the Los Gatos creek trail, I don’t know why, on certain parts of the trail, I always pick up speed. Its amazing, there are few uphills, and flat portions, where I feel my best while running. I love the Rancho San Antonio park trails, because of its tricky curvy trails, which give me immense low and high moments.

Well, the high moments are always good, and I feel that you should just explore your max potential when you feel that

adrenaline rush to just keep running, however for the low moments, everyone has their own way to counter.

I counter the low moments, by not thinking about running. I slow down my pace, just think something good. Think of
some appreciation that you received at work, think of good family moments, think of how proud your close ones be, when you complete a marathon. May be if there is a nice hot chic running, use her as a motivation to run ;), what if she becomes your girl (no harm in thinking)….. But certainly dont stop running, because once you stop, it will be very very difficult to pull yourself out of the couch the next day.