How I mis-managed my training time ?

Why can’t people just plan their parties around my race schedule ?

Lot of my friends who think I am way too crazy and disciplined. Here is a sneak peak into how indisciplined I am or I was.

There are things that I have observed in the last one year –

  • How I wasted time ?
  • How I was lazy ?
  • How I messed up my own training ?
  • Why I felt my training time was being eaten up by social gatherings and family time.
  • Why I used to grunt all the time about not getting enough time.

Inspite of all the above grunts and growls, I have the most amazing partner by my side all the time, who loves to see me in spandex and on the bike.

Things that did not work or I messed up-

  • Often sleeping late, beyond 10:00 pm, watching stupid TV L. This used to make me late for my morning Masters swim OR early morning bike workout.
  • Appreciating the coziness of the bed more than appreciating the dream of doing my best race. I know that if I wake up at 5 am, and be disciplined I can get my indoor bike workout started in 40 mins, and get in a good 2 hrs of spin by 8 am.
  • Not honoring the time, means I miss doing 30 mins of diligent stretching and stability exercises. Which is way too important.
  • Late evening bike trainer workouts, used to leave my legs all tired and flaky, and then it was hard getting to sleep.
  • Cheating on the food more than often. Not controlling the sugar intake and carb intake, compared to the training I was doing.
  • Juggling too many things and struggling with weekend training schedule.
  • Being careless and injuring myself, and getting up too soon without nursing them.
  • Did not get a single deep tissue massage, during my training last year for Ironman. Ended up with the issue of sciatica and nerve impingement. Was trying to save money here L.
  • Pushing myself for workouts, even when caught under the weather, or having cold and flu. This is what I call junk training.

Things that I will change and how –

  • Retire to bed at the most by 9:30pm. And have a book with me to read. No ‘Instagramming’ or ‘fb’ing’ on the bed.
  • Regular alarm for the mornings.
  • 30 mins of core strengthening and stability exercise every single day.
  • Bike to Work more often, and use that as a recovery spin workout.
  • 200% check on the diet, and cheating allowed only once a week.
  • Train smart, and not hard. Buy a power meter.
  • Body massage and Chiropractor sessions regularly.
  • Keep one of the weekends entirely free. Take that as a Rest day, with a light swim or short run or self massage.
  • Completely share my week to week training plan with my wifey.

This is what my wifey suggests me going ahead-

  • Don’t let ‘no workout’ days affect you mentally. Mental tiredness is harder to recover.
  • Recovery is not easy, start slow and strong. Learn to stop when needed.
  • I feel you can start running, say even just one loop. It will help you slowly regain your confidence. [She is saying this because of the injuries I have received this year.]
  • No more short distance triathlon events. [She feels I am careless about short distance events.]
  • Compete in few individual sport events – like Half-marathon / road cycling.

With all of this introspection, I hope to get the best out of myself.

What do you say ?

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