Twenty thirteen – 2013 !!

I did things that to me seemed insane and crazy just a year back. Half-Ironman, UltraMarathon, Century rides and lots of climbing and swimming.


3 Half-Ironman distance triathlons – 

Start à 1.2 m Swim + 56 m Bike + 13.1 m run à Finish

1)   HITS Napa Valley Triathlon– 13 April  time: 6:19:00

2)   Folsom Triathlon-   time: 5:59:00

3)   Big Kahuna Triathlon–   time: 5:44:00


1)   San Jose RockNRoll – 1:46:00

2)   Ultra- 50K Coastal Trail Run – 6:00:00


Lots of hill climbs

Lots of miles

Lots of hours on the saddle

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Also joined crossfit during the later part of the year. Building strength, pace, and speed. Learnt to lift, and row.

On the nutrition side, experimented with lots of stuff. Learnt what to put into my body and what not. Eat to perform!!

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