Core Power – Protein shake

Each of us have our own go to recovery food or drinks post workout. Most of us also keep experimenting with the recovery drinks.

I figured out that milk is the best recovery drink. Add chocolate to it, and it tastes best. The natural protein found in Milk, the natural fat, gives you good calorie intake, and protein for muscle building. 

What I look for when I take in my recovery drink is, something that is

  • Is Cold
  • Has milk
  • Has complete protein
  • Has carbs and fats
  • Has enough mineral salts and vitamins to fill up the loss

If I am home, I always make my own protein shake, using natural milk. But when I am not home, I need something handy. I have tried Core Power few times, and have really found it energizing. I have had it post bike ride, post swim with my breakfast at work, post crossfit workout as quick recovery. Its tasty, it’s fulfilling, and hits the spot right. And best is, its all lactose-free milk based.

core power comes from milk

core power comes from milk

All your answers 

Core Power (Chocolate) Because how can you live without chocolate ??      

26g of Protein: naturally concentrated whey and casein proteins

700mg of Calcium: highly absorbable calcium

Honey in the drink provides the quick carbs needed for recovery, and in reducing muscle fatigue.

240 calories from a 340ml bottle. There is a lighter version of 150 calories as well, with 20g of Protein.

Flavors in the order of my favoriteness :   CorePower

  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Strawberry+Banana
  • Vanilla

Core Power, being the official sponsor of Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Game, is hosting a giveaway of their CorePower fit kit for US only. The Fit kit will have an exercise ball, a gym towel, a water bottle and a gym bag, as well as Core Power products.

The giveaway is for US only, and to enter the giveaway Core-Power would like you to Like/Follow their facebook page and twitter id.

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  1. Found your blog from your pic on Pavement Runner’s blog – cool blog name:)

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