Anti-Inflamatory smoothie – Muscle Recovery Drink

What you need ??

  1. turmeric – (1.5 tablespoon) natural anti-Inflamatory and muscle reliever and used for bone strengthening.
  2. Hemp seeds powder – (2 spoons) works as protein powder. You can get it in Whole Foods.
  3. Chia and Sunflower seeds (1.5 spoons each)
  4. berries (handful)
  5. small watermelon (1/4 size)
  6. almond milk or regular non-fat milk (Half a cup)
  7. non fat Greek yogurt (3 big spoons)
  8. bananaoptional

Put all of these in a mixer. Add 1.5 tablespoon of turmeric.
For taste you may also add Mint leaves.

My general steps :

First, I usually grind the watermelon and berries with yogurt.
And then add half a cup milk to it, along with everything else.

I don’t have a measurement, but usually end up making more than a glass, sometimes two, with the above approx measurements. And I enjoy it.

Great for healing muscle spasm, internal inflammation, muscle relaxation, and strong bones.

Have a happy recovery!!


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