Good easy fun rides !!

To avoid making the trainings and regular rides mundane, we all need fun and scenic rides with cool people !! Just spinning through the streets, enjoying the ocean views, and having some good food is the way to bring some changes and keep yourself interested in the sport.

Thanks to Nishu and Jasmjne who ‘seem’ to have a new found interest in the sport of cycling. And there are few more, Jaskaran and Simran who will join us soon in our rides. I am so excited to ride with them as they are training for their first ever endurance ride of 60 miles to defeat ‘leukemia’.

Here is the Strava stats from the ride:

1st part  (add another 10 miles to this for Jasmine to get back to the city)

2nd part

This blog is more picturesque, for two reasons 1) because it is supposed to be , and 2) because Nishu did a great job in writing !!

What do you say ?

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