The tricky trails

Less strain on the heels yesterday, and good amount of icing on the heels, helped my morning run at Rancho San Antonio. The Hill run was awesome today, and I covered the steep rise with just two small breathers, nearing the peak.

Trail winding back down the hill


The hilly, windy trail is always tricky. When it seems to you that you are nearing the peak, it surprises you with another climb :(. And then if you motivate yourself to run till the next turn, hoping this is the end of it, it surprises you again … 🙂 …I reflect on my uphill run, while running downhill, and try to motivate for another gentle uphill, if I can find.

My running partner John, who pulled out of today’s run because of a splinter in his foot, never likes the tricky trails. They are steep, and as soon as they seem to end, you find the route further up. These trails are good for split runs on the hills. May be today’s trail can be one of my training tracks, for leg strengthening, and speed. Sprint for a minute upwards, walk for sometime downwards, and then sprint up again for a minute. Repeating this for 5-6 times.

Hikers have their own way to explore the trails, and runners their own. I find that we can explore a park quicker than a hiker can … lolz!!

What hurts ??

Heels hurt ……..

Mundane, because no running.. took the day off to repair the broken parts. Have a sore heel on the right leg. The ‘Shoe-Dog’ gait testing mechanism at Road Runners tells me, that I put 53% weight of the body on my right leg,

Old and Newand rest on the left leg. phew!!! Anyways, the soreness in the heels is an indication that I need to change my running pairs.

Though I got a new pair of Asics, but the pain in the heels, early morning while getting out of the bed, is awful. Googled a bit, and found that it is called as Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciia is the connective tissue that runs from the heel to the base of the toes

Plantar Fasciitis, is a common form of injury among runners. It happens because of various reasons-

  1. Old pair of running shoes, without much cushion.
  2. sudden increase in mileage, leading to over stress of the legs
  3. this is related to the running form, where heels strike the ground first.
Detailed analyses, you can check out the following:
I have been rolling ICED bottle under the feet, rolling the heel, back of the heel, as much as I can. Even now, while writing this, I am massaging my foot with the ICED bottle.
I cannot cut down on running much, because of an upcoming Marathon in a month. But advice is to reduce the mileage, and work on strengthening the various machine parts.

My weekend runs

Friday late night, and then early morning Saturday, geared up for the unknown trail and hill at Rancho San Antonio Park. John, my running partner had mapped out a trail path, for the run. A 6 mile run turned out to be a 7 mile one, when we got confused with the turns on the trail. After a 2 mile climb, and without water, we were anxious to get down, and

back to the parking lot. We selected the same route back, and after asking another runner, took a diversion. We again got lost with the trail :), but we got some of the best views of the city.


Getting lost on the hilly trails is as painful, as it is fun. For me whenever I reflect on my run, I feel excited on the achievement, and try to ponder over the run up the hill. How and when I could have pushed myself harder, and things like that.

Sunday morning had another 8 mile flat run on the Los Gatos trail. It’s a paved trail, and the run was with the American Cancer Society Determination team members and Road Runners group. Being with other runners who are faster than you, you tend to run fast, clocking few secs above 8 min/mile for first 4 miles was an achievement for me. Though I did not push very hard, but something that I never tried. For the remaining 4 miles, I was too happy to clock my timing.

Today is Monday, and am not running, will be biking in the evening.

Sikh Stride ??

If you see a guy with a curly beard and a bandana or a turban running on trails/streets, its me. Being a SIKH ‘student’ of the guru, I have to keep myself healthy. Good health, is the secret to longevity and happiness in life. From the time I started making my strides on the trails, I never blogged, but why not now? So a SIKH guy will be blogging about his STRIDES on trails, tracks, and while training for all sorts of ‘ ‘-thons…..

Pretty sad, that Forest Gump was not made on me..and neither a girl like Robin Wright inspired me to run…. Will also blog about the inspiration factor during various runs.