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Amazing book every runner should read.What human is capable of, what his endurance level is. Its awesome.

The runner himself talks about the love he developed towards ultra distance running, how one night transformed him to one of the most known ultra runners of today.

An obsessive form of running, heavily popular in Europe. Runners run down the hills at amazing speeds of anywhere 3-4miles/min. The form of running is still not professionalized, only amateur running happens. And for sure this is obsessive.

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This is the half-marathon in the world of Triathlons. Perfect book to tell you that there is no single training plan. Each one needs to balance the 9-5 job, alongwith the training. And the half-IronMan distance is the perfect distance where amateurs can balance their job with their training. Right book to learn how to create your own training plan. What to do and what not to do in your training.






Loved reading this book. I was already an admirer of Chrissie from her Triathlon triumphs. And this book not just created a respect for her, but also made her the person I will look up to, to get motivated. She tells about her journey from being a no-runner, to becoming a pro-triathlete, and never ever loosing an Ironman triathlon event.


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