Ironman 70.3 Cour De Alene

2.5 years of hiatus from being active, this was my first big race. Going into this meant a lot to me. My training commitment had changed, my scheduled and other things on my plate were different and demanded time. I had to revise my goals all the time to the starting line, make sure I was fit and healthy, and make sure I had balanced other aspects of my life.

So I signed up for this race which I believe is the closest IM branded race in US from Seattle. The cost part was OK’ish (the IM brand can get super expensive at times). We booked a place a mile from the race venue, so that we can all walk to the race site and not worry about parking and all.

The IM CDA race is definitely one of the perfect race sites for your support crew and cheer squad. The race transitions are all at the same place. Swim start, and run finish are in the downtown, making it an amazingly fun atmosphere. And not to mention the downtown park, with water fountain, perfect spot for the kids to play while also watching the run section from the park.

So to begin with I was taking this race similar to my first 70.3. No time goals and no speed goals. Only goal was to start the race strong and healthy, finish the race strong and healthy.

Swim – Well marked swim course, out and back. Took me around 42 mins to swim the course. Water was neither cold nor very hot, perfectly OK with the wetsuit.


Bike – Took my time in transition, and off on the bike. First hour on the bike was really good, covering 20 miles. The remaining section was on a highway. A long climb, and some single file downhill sections were a bit tricky. I must mention I did not practice much on the Tri bike as I should have, especially the downhills. I was using brakes on the downhills, to avoid loosing balance or getting wobbles from the side wind.


Run – Started the run pretty good. Non-stop ran the first 2 miles. HR was up, and I did not care, I was happy that I was moving. Took to some walking, and then running again. I was tired by now :). But continued with hydration, fueling, and making the most of run/walk strategy.


More practice is better results, but this was the best I could be with what all I had from the other commitments of life.

Overall 3 mins slower than my first 70.3.


Key learnings:

  • Sometimes taking a break and doing a race after a substantial gap feels like an accomplishment. Try it.
  • Take pride in the best version of yourself on any given day. And keep raising your bar.
  • Keep patience, trust your training, and trust yourself.
  • Be consistent, keep moving, only sometimes push hard and then back off to come out strong.

What do you say ?

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