The Monday blues !!

I guess every one has it. If not, then you are not normal ;).. lolz !!

Had a good long trail run on Saturday, followed by a 5miles hike on the trails again. Sunday was a long bike ride day, logging in 50 miles for the books, and then some 5 miles of trek in San Francisco.

Yes, I do get tired, and my body does demand some rest from the soreness. After such long workouts, my sofa cushion or the rocking chair, feel heaven to my sore butt. And my back needs a god support. A cold water bath is what my body craves for.

I woke up early at 5:30, to hit the pool around 6, and get some good workout, and a little run to shake off the muscle soreness. Packed my swim gear and towel into a backpack. Stretched a bit, but my body said ‘NO’. It still says NO, to getting up from the chair, as I am writing this post.

Guess this is either the Monday morning blues, or paying heed to your body, and not stressing it out.

Will get a 5 miler done in the evening, and some core-workout at the gym.

Training for an upcoming 70.3 triathlon is ON !!

What do you say ?

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