My first 70.3 Swim / Bike / Run

Just one is boring, so why not do all three !!

Here are the details of the event, and will be great to see you coming and support me-

Race Site:
Chaparral Cove
7600 Knoxville Rd.
Napa, California 94558
The swim start is at 7 am in the morning. At the above race site. Will swim around a loop in Lake Berryessa.
And then we come out and head off for a Bike Ride, the route for the Bike Ride is:
Distance: 56.01 mi
To understand the above map-  we first go up on PopeValley Road, and then come back, and go on Knoxville road, and come back to the race site again.
After the bike Ride, the run starts from the above address itself-
You will definitely be able to figure out numerous locations, best being the race site, to see me :). It will also be fun to move around, there will definitely be lot of crowd. A fitness festival to watch.
And if you guys have time, it will be great to sit for a dinner post race, somewhere in Napa or Vacaville.
See you !!

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