Casting the runner’s leg

How does it feel to be in a cage ??

How does it feel if your legs are cast in a boot ?? 😦 ..

Well, that is what I am going through, after further messing up my foot. The Plantar Fasciitis became worse, as I worked out in the gym.

To get some cardio during the upper body workouts, I did steps and jumps, but unfortunately a good workout turned into a bad foot. It became difficult to even walk normally. A visit to the podiatrist, resulted into a boot cast for immobilizing the foot.

Well, all this has happened in the midst of when there is a step count competition going on in my company. And my pedometer count has really gone down 😦 …

I was never patient with my foot, never allowed it to heal 100%

I under estimated the extent of how bad the foot can become… 😦

One thought on “Casting the runner’s leg

  1. seems u tend to ignore ur welll being bro…dats reeally sad 😦
    Now i can jz hope dat u pay heed to d heel up process..
    Get well soon

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